Requires administrator rights or one of the following permissions:

Settings, Campaign administrations

DNS (Domain Name System) is similar to an old-school phonebook for the internet. As end-users, we like to view domains by name (e.g.,, whereas web browsers like to view IP addresses. DNS makes sure to translate domain names to IP addresses for the browser to load internet resources. This is how you allowlist your domain in Adversus.

  1. Go to Messages in the menu on the left and choose Marketing campaigns.

  2. Click on the Settings tab and choose how to verify your domain.

    1. Sender allowlist

      Allowlist a single sender email address, e.g.,

      When using Sender allowlist to verify your domain, enter the email address you wish to allowlist and follow the instructions in the email you receive afterward.

    2. Authenticate your domain

      Allowlist your entire organization's domain, e.g.,

      When using Authenticate your domain to verify your domain, enter the domain you want to allowlist. Afterward, you will receive a list of DNS records (Type, Host and Value) for you to set up. You can follow the status of your allowlisting. The status will change from Pending to Success once it is all set up successfully.

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