Requires administrator rights or the following permission:


Through Journeys, it's possible to integrate directly with Slack to trigger automated messages to your Slack channels, e.g., every time a meeting is booked, a message is sent to your #sales-channel.

NB: You need to be an admin of the Slack account.

  1. Go to Journeys in the menu on the left.

  2. Under Available integration, click on Slack.

  3. Click on Connect Slack with Adversus and follow the steps to integrate Slack.

  4. When your integration is completed, you can input a Slack message in your Journeys. To do so, click Add integration in your Journey flow.

  5. Click Slack from the dropdown followed by Edit integration.

  6. Here, you need to select the Channel you want to post your message and the content of the message. It is possible to use merge tags from the Insert field dropdown.

  7. Remember to click Save in the top right corner.

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