All users can use an external softphone.

Adversus is compatible with external IP phones and softphones. External phone use can help solve potential audio quality issues compared to the in-browser (WebRTC) solution.

The external phone creates a constant connection to Adversus phone servers, leaving the UI interaction (initiating calls, hanging up, etc.) to the well-known Adversus platform. The caller ID will follow the account/campaign settings, just like when using the built-in phone.

The connection is made through the internet connection (SIP-based), thus leaving no extra costs.

Supported phones

Both hardware and software-based SIP phones are supported. Some of the most widely used softphones for Windows and Mac are Zoiper and Bria Solo (previously X-Lite).

Technical configuration

You have to authenticate toward our servers from the phone using SIP credentials. Please reach out to Adversus support or your account manager to obtain credentials for external phone configuration. You have to connect to the domain The credentials are user agnostic, meaning that you don't have to re-authenticate if you are using shared office spaces.


Once the phone is configured, a small configuration change is required in Adversus. Please navigate to the specific user settings, and change the phone type to Table Phone.

The next time this user initiates a campaign, a pop-up will appear containing a six-digit authentication code that must be dialed from the external phone. Once the connection is created, the campaign will work as usual.

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