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It is possible to create products and add them to campaigns to manage your sales through the sales module. Before your agents can start registering sales through the dialer, you need to create products and attach them to campaigns. This is how to do it.

  1. Go to Settings in the menu on the left and choose Products.

  2. On the left is where you create new products. On the right is where you have an overview of products (account-wide).

  3. To create a new product, start by inputting Product name and Description.

  4. Input the Price, Unit and Currency.

  5. If necessary, you can also choose a unit Minimum and Maximum, a Product number and whether or not the agents have a field to Input sales notes.

  6. When you've input all details, click Add product.

Add the product to a campaign

  1. When you have created your product, you have to add it to the sales campaign.

  2. Go to Settings in the menu on the left and choose Campaigns.

  3. Locate the sales campaign and click on the name to edit.

  4. Click on Sales in the top bar menu.

  5. From the dropdown, choose the product you've created.

  6. Decide if products are Always displayed in the dialer. If you choose to uncheck this, the product overview will only appear on Success.

  7. Check Require sale on success, if it's mandatory for agents to register a sale when saving as Success.

  8. The product is now available on the campaign for agents to register sales.

  9. On the right side of the dialer, agents will see a Products dropdown option.

  10. After choosing the product, they can select quantity and see the total amount.

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