Sales module, if you are an administrator, you have the opportunity to see the sales made by your phones.
The sales module is built up similarly to the booking history, where you search via filters.
To access the "Sales" module, go to "Statistics & Reports" and subsequent "Sales" in the left-hand menu.

You can choose which sales data you want in your view. If you choose nothing, it will display all data:

You can also choose which lead data you want in your view:

You can use filters at the same time to specify the sales you want to show. For example, if you need to find all sales on a particular user, select the following:

Once you select the data you want to search, you will see the sales that meet your criteria. There are 5 sales statuses under the sales overview:

  • Rejected: ''Rejected'' is a sale that the customer has declined or regretted.

  • Canceled: ''Canceled" is sales that the Sales Manager or an external sales user cancels if the sale does not meet the given requirements or if the item has been saved with a subject status such as "Not interested," "Unqualified," or "Invalid."

  • Ongoing: "Ongoing" is if a sale is not closed, for example, if it is set to "VIP redial," "Private redial," or "Common redial."

  • Success: If a sale is created on an item with the subject status "Success," it will also have the sales status "Success."

  • Approved: If a manager needs to approve a sale to see if it meets the requirements, it must be reported as "Approved."

To update a sale, you can go in via "Actions" and then "Update Sales" and give it a new sales status and then select "Save" on the blue button:

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