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In warehouse activities, you can find all activities on all leads. It means that instead of finding lead where the current status is a success, you can find leads that at some point have been saved with a status of success, so you, for instance, can find a lead that doesn't have the status success anymore, but at some point was saved with the status success.

1. Go to Warehouse --> Activities in the menu on the left.

2. First you find all activities. At the right, you have the possibility to filter based on specific activities. For instance, finding all activities on a specific campaign:


Or by a status:


Or a specific start:


You are also able to filter on your lead fields, for instance, finding activities where the lead name is specific:


3. If you would like to see more information, you can go to "Columns" and add extra fields:


4. If you want to, you can also save the view. If it's a view you often look at, then it will be available under "Views" at the right:


5. You also can export the view to excel and automatically export it:

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