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Settings, Campaign administration

In Adversus, you have the possibility to create strategies to call several campaigns simultaneously. The idea is to create some variety for your agents.

  1. Go to Dialer in the menu on the left.

  2. In the top right corner, click Create and choose Strategy.

  3. Give your strategy a name and click Create.

  4. You are forwarded to the strategy settings.

  5. Start by choosing which campaigns you want to include in the strategy.

  6. Go to Settings on the right side.

    1. Name
      Choose the name for your strategy.

    2. Lead order
      Choose how you which leads you want to call first.

      1. Random

      2. Unprocessed leads first

      3. Redials first

      4. Import order

    3. Priority mode
      How do you want to prioritize your campaigns in the strategy?

      1. Ordered: Campaigns are called based on the order in the strategy.

      2. Distribution: Prioritize campaigns based on a distribution model, e.g., equally or 75% / 25%.

    4. Dialer mode
      Choose the dialer method to use on the strategy.

      1. Use the campaign settings: Uses the dialer mode set on a campaign level.

      2. Manual

      3. Progressive

      4. Predictive

    5. Team access
      Select which agents can access the strategy.

      1. Strict: Only allow agents with access to all campaigns on the strategy

      2. Flexible: Agents can access the strategy, but only call on the campaigns they have access to.

    6. Show in overview
      Do you want to display the strategy in the Dialer overview? Then check the box.

  7. The last thing you need to setup is the Cross campaign callbacks.

  8. By default, your strategy is set up to dial leads in the order you selected. If you want to prioritize callbacks across the selected campaigns, you can do so here.

  9. Click Save in the top right corner. Afterward, the strategy is available in the Dialer overview.

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