In Adversus, it is possible to filter leads based on their campaign data. This is useful if you want to filter the status, last contact times, most recently contacted by, etc.

In this guide, I will review all the different components that are in the campaign filter.

1. To get to the campaign filter, select "Leads" from the menu on the left, then "Filter view," and finally "+ Create view" on the gray button at the top:

2. Give the view an appropriate name and select "Save":

3. Enter the filter by touching the name of the filter view.

4. Next, select the filter icon on the right.

5. Here, you select "Campaign filter" and "Extra settings":

At the top, select one or all campaigns where the above says " Max call campaign."

None of the options in "Extra settings" are required but helps to specify what you want to find. Once you have selected your settings, select " Create Filter."

The options you can choose are:

  • Last contacted by: Which user recently contacted the leads you want to find.

  • Status is/Status is not: Here, you can select which status leads Shall or shall not have.

  • Last contacted: Here, you can select when the leads were last contacted.

  • Scheduled redial time: If leads Have a planned call back, you can filter the items based on it here.

  • Contact attempt: Specific number or more/fewer contact attempts the leads have.

  • Assigned User: If you have assigned the leads to a user, you can filter it from here.

  • Load time: Here, you can file from when the leads are loaded on the campaign.

Select Show/Hide data:

  • Select the data you want and the lead pool to subtract data from. You can then select "Save settings".

  • Next, press to select the list view and see the data that match your criteria.

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