Requires administrator rights or one of the following permissions:
Settings, Campaign administration

Result fields are used to add data to leads based on the agents' conversation with them, e.g., the products they want to buy, meeting time or relevant questions they're answering.

Create result fields

  1. Go to Settings in the menu on the left and choose Campaigns.

  2. Click on the campaign you want to add result fields to or create a new campaign.

  3. Click on Fields in the top menu bar and choose Result fields.

  4. In Field type, choose Create new field.

  5. Give you result field a name.

  6. Choose the Content type and Input type for the field, e.g., text. The content type is important, since that is how Adversus "reads" the field.

  7. Decide when the field should be shown to agents in the dialer, e.g., Always, On success or On custom event.

  8. Click Add field in the bottom. The result field is now active on the campaign. You can edit/remove the field in the overview on the right side.

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