To set up: Requires administrator rights or all of the following permissions:
User administrations, Campaign administration/Settings

Adversus allows you to invite and host online meetings directly from the platform using Rooms.

  1. First things first; To allow leads access to the unique Rooms link when agreeing to a meeting, you have to create an email template that includes the link.

  2. See the how-to on email templates here.

  3. The essential thing in the email template you create is to add the merge tag called [online_link].

  4. When you're all done with your email template, you can choose to either send it automatically when an agent saves the lead as Success or create a Journey for a more custom send-out.

    If you want to send automatically on Success, go to Settings in the template editor and check On success.

    NB: Remember to add the email template on relevant campaigns for automatic send-out. See how to here.

  5. When a booking is scheduled, it is possible to access the Room through Warehouse Bookings.

  6. In Warehouse Bookings, go to Columns in the menu on the right and add Link to meeting.

  7. The access to the specific booking is now accessible in the Warehouse table.

  8. When consultants log into Adversus, their home screen will be the Bookings overview. They can also access the meeting directly from there.

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