Requires administrator rights or one of the following permissions:

Settings, Campaign administrations, Email activity

If you are sending emails through Adversus, you can get an overview of the email activity for the past 7 days.

  1. Go to Messages in the menu on the left and choose Email/SMS activity.

  2. Go to the Email tab in the top. Here you'll see all events from the past 7 days. Here, we'll explain what each event means.

    1. Processed

      The email request has been processed by the recipient's email server and are waiting to be sent.

    2. Sent

      The email is successfully sent to the recipient.

    3. Received

      The recipient has received the email in their inbox.

    4. Opened

      The recipient has opened the email.

    5. Click

      The recipient has clicked a link in the email.

    6. Bounce

      The recipient's email provider has blocked the email, but we'll try to send it again.

    7. Email has been postponed

      The recipient's email server has postponed receiving the email.

    8. Blocked

      The recipient's email server has blocked the email, and we will not try to send it again.

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