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Journeys and Leads (edit)

If you want to move leads from one campaign to another, you can do so by creating a Manual Journey in cooperation with Warehouse Leads.

Create the Journey

  1. Go to Journeys in the menu on the left and create a new Journey using the Manual trigger.

  2. Create an action and choose Update lead. In the Campaign option, choose the campaign where you want to move your leads.

  3. Give you Journey a name in the upper left corner, so you can recognize it.

  4. Click Activate in the upper right corner.

Move the leads from Warehouse

  1. Now, go to Warehouse in the menu on the left and choose Leads.

  2. Use the Campaign filter in the menu on the right to show all leads located on the campaign you want to move leads from.

  3. Go to Actions and choose Start Journey. From the dropdown, choose the Journey you just created and click Start.

  4. All leads are now moved from the one campaign to another.

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