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If you or your agents receive an error message in the dialer, you can use Warehouse Calls to track what went wrong using SIP codes.

  1. Go to Warehouse in the menu on the left and choose Calls.

  2. Go to Columns in the Warehouse menu on the right and add the column SIP code. Every call has its own SIP code which is used for controlling communication sessions.

Definition of SIP codes

1xx: Informational SIP responses

  • 180: Ringing

    The Destination User Agent has received the invite message and is alerting the user of the call.

  • 183: Session Progress

    This response is used to send extra information on a call that is still being set up.

2xx: Success responses

  • 200: OK

    Shows that the request was successful and that both the callee and caller have been connected.

4xx: Request failures

  • 403: Forbidden

    The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfil it.

  • 404: Not found

    The server has definitive information that the user does not exist (user not found). The number is invalid.

  • 407: Consent needed

    The source of the request did not have the permission of the recipient to make the request.

  • 480: Temporarily unavailable

    Callee currently unavailable.

  • 486: Busy here

    Callee is busy.

  • 488: Not acceptable here

    Some aspects of the session description request-URI are not acceptable.

5xx: Server errors

  • 500: Server internal error

    The server could not fulfil the request due to an unexpected condition.

  • 501: Not implemented

    The SIP request method is not implemented here.

  • 502: Bad gateway

    The server received an invalid response from a downstream server while trying to fulfil the request.

  • 503: Server unavailable

    The server is in maintenance or is temporarily overloaded and cannot process the request.

  • 504: Server time-out

    The server tried to access another server while trying to process the request and didn't get a timely response.

6xx: Global failures

  • 600: Busy everywhere

    All possible destinations are busy.

  • 603: Decline

    Destination can't or doesn't wish to participate in the call and there are no alternative destinations.

  • 604: Doesn't exist anywhere

    The server has authoritative information that the requested user doesn't exist anywhere.

  • 606: Not acceptable

    The user's agent was contacted successfully, but some aspects of the session description were not acceptable.

  • 607: Unwanted

    The called party didn't want their call from the caller. Future attempts from the caller are likely to also get rejected.

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