Requires administrator rights or the following permission:

Duplicate check

You have the possibility to perform a duplicate check after you've uploaded leads to campaigns. Beware that this action is irreversible!

  1. Go to Leads in the menu on the left and choose Duplicate check.

  2. Choose which Type of duplicate check you'd like to perform - either Duplicates on individual campaigns or Duplicates across campaigns.

  3. Subsequently, choose if the duplicate check should apply to All campaigns or Individual campaigns (and if so, which ones?)

  4. Under Data field, choose which field you'd like to duplicate check against. It's recommended that you select a unique field, e.g., phone number or customer number.

  5. Finally, choose if there are leads you do not want to delete based on their status (if duplicates are found), e.g., Success and Not interested.

  6. When everything is set, click Delete duplicates in the bottom. Adversus now runs a duplicate check and will send you (the user who has performed the duplicate check) an email that informs about how many duplicates were detected and removed.

    NB: Adversus only removes duplicate leads from the campaigns, not the contact pool.

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