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You can set up number pools in Adversus. A number pool is a list of phone numbers you can connect to a specific campaign that enables you to automatically switch between phone numbers based on different strategies. These strategies are better known as Smart Caller strategies. Let's show you!

  1. Go to Settings and choose Phone numbers.

  2. In the top right corner, click Create and give the number pool a name of your choosing.

  3. Go to Number pools.

  4. Click on the number pool you just created to edit.

  5. Now, choose the phone numbers you wish to add to the number pool from the drop down. After choosing the phone numbers you wish to include, save your settings in the top right corner.

To set up your Smart Caller strategy, go to the drop down on the right side of the number pool settings and choose from the following options:

  • Regional: Select the number based on which prefix best matches the lead's number.

  • Random: Selects a random phone number when calling a lead.

  • Round robin by lead: Switch phone number if a lead doesn't pick up. The phone number will only be switched if a lead has the status unprocessed or automatic redial.

  • Round robin by time: Change phone number based on a specific time interval.

To start using Smart Caller, you need to choose your number pool as the outgoing number on specific campaigns.

  1. Go to Settings and Campaigns.

  2. Find the campaign you wish to connect to the number pool and click Edit.

  3. Go to the Phone section and choose the number pool as the outgoing number.

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