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In this article, you'll learn how to send leads from Adversus to HubSpot using Journeys. Notice: This requires basic knowledge about the Journey Module, JSON, and REST APIs. It also requires that you are an admin in your HubSpot account.

  1. Access your HubSpot API Key using this HubSpot guide.

  2. Create a new Journey based on a lead trigger.

  3. Add filters and branch logic, if needed (if you need help, see this Journey guide).

  4. Create a Custom API Request.

  5. In the Custom API Request, do the following:

    1. Request URL

      Change '' to the corresponding email merge tag (from Insert field), and change 'demo' to the API Key obtained in the first step.

    2. Add a field

      With the name/key properties[0].property and set the value corresponding to the HubSpot property internal name you are mapping, e.g., email. Find the internal names on HubSpot properties using this HubSpot guide.

    3. Add a field

      With the name/key properties[0].value and set the value to the Adversus lead field you a mapping - in this case, the email field.

    4. If you are adding additional fields, then remember to increase the properties counter, e.g., properties[1], properties[2], and so on (see example).

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