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In Journeys, you can set up automation flows to manage your leads more efficiently using triggers and filters. This is how you get started setting up a Journey.

If you want inspiration from popular use cases, go ahead and take a look here.

  1. Go to Journeys in the menu on the left.

  2. From the Start page, you can choose what should trigger your Journey.

    • Bookings
      Triggers every time a booking is created, updated or deleted

    • Leads

      Triggers every time a lead is saved or expires

    • Mails

      Triggers every time an email event occurs, e.g., email opened.

    • SMS

      Triggers when you receive an inbound SMS.

    • Manual

      Is triggered manually through Warehouse. See more here.

  3. After choosing your trigger, an empty Journey canvas appears.

  4. Start by inputting a name in the upper left corner.

  5. Next to Campaign leads, choose if you only want the Journey to trigger on specific campaigns. If no campaigns are chosen, the Journey triggers across all campaigns.

  6. Click the + to add the first step.

  7. Select the filter option to define which leads you want to target.

  8. In this example, we want to target all leads that were saved as Not interested, so we choose Lead status = Not interested.

  9. You can also filter further, if you have a Not interested reason field.

  10. After setting up your filters, you want to create an Action to do something with the leads that meet the filtering criteria. Click the red icon.

  11. Now, choose the action you'd like to perform on the leads that were Not interested due to the Price. In this example, we'll add the leads from the original campaign to the campaign named Discount offers.

  12. Practically speaking, this means that when a lead is saved as Not interested with the reason for being not interested is Price (too expensive), we'll add those leads to a new campaign called Discount offers, that are used to call leads to offer them products with a lower price than usual.

    There are countless possibilities to set up your Journeys. You can get some inspiration here.

  13. When your Journey is set up, go to the upper right corner and click Activate. This will kick-off your Journey right away and will only affect leads moving forward - so previously saved leads are not affected by this Journey.

    NB: If you aren't ready to activate your Journey, use the Save draft button.

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