Requires administrator rights.

It is possible to receive inbound SMS' in Adversus and add the response to lead fields for further usage and actions.

To set up the inbound SMS flow, you need to have an Adversus mobile number that supports inbound SMS. Contact our support to get help.

  1. Start by creating an SMS template that you send to leads. Read these two articles for assistance.

  2. When you've set up your SMS template and added it to relevant campaigns, you have to create lead field. This is used for attaching the SMS response directly on the lead.

  3. Go to Settings and choose Campaigns.

  4. Edit the campaign where you want to use inbound SMS (can be added to several campaigns).

  5. Click on Field and choose Lead fields in the top menu bar.

  6. In this example, we want to use the inbound SMS response to confirm a deal with a lead. So we create a new field called SMS confirmation.

  7. Click Add field in the bottom.

  8. Now, we need to create a Journey to automatically add the SMS response to the lead field you just created.

  9. Go to Journeys in the menu on the left and create a new Journey using the SMS trigger.

  10. Create an Edit contact data action. In Field, input the new lead field you have created called SMS confirmation. In the Value, input SMS - Text message.

  11. This Journey will trigger every time you receive an inbound SMS and will add the text message content to the lead field.

  12. Click Activate to get your Journey up and running.

  13. You are now logging all SMS responds directly on the leads. Get an overview of the responses in Warehouse Leads, where you can add SMS confirmation as a column.

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