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The Journey module is your automation tool in Adversus.

Create automation flows according to your needs and manage your leads. Based on their behaviour and different outcomes, you can define exactly what happens in the flow.

Many call centers only use their leads once, but sometimes using them multiple times can be beneficial. You can call customers back if an offer they previously showed interested in a product that appears or simply try again after a few months.

(Very) simply put, a Journey in Adversus is created like this:

  1. Choose which campaigns (leads) to include.

  2. Filter your flow to only include relevant leads, e.g., Status = Not interested.

  3. Select the actions to take based on triggers and filters.

There are endless possibilities. You can trigger Journeys based on lead updates, bookings being made, emails that are opened, etc. You can find some use cases right here:

  1. Reuse Not interested leads after three months

  2. Add leads with Max. call attempts reached to a new campaign

  3. Send an email or SMS the first time you call a lead that does not answer the phone

  4. Fast-track leads when they open an email the first time

  5. Send an email to leads two hours before scheduled callback time

  6. Update scheduled contact time when a lead opens an email the first time

  7. Reuse leads that were Not interested with a specific reason for why they were not interested

  8. Create specific sales campaigns for your agents based on a shared campaign

  9. Close leads with a specific status when the lead expires

  10. Add cancelled meetings to a new campaign

  11. Assign a specific timeslot in bulk using a manual journey

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