Adding products to the campaign

If you use Adversus for direct selling, it can be beneficial to add products to a campaign. If you add products to your campaign, they will be visible so the phoners can choose specific products on your campaign when they call your potential customers.

The sales module

If you have a campaign(s) set up for the sales module, you can find all closed and ongoing sales and give the sales another status.

Sales access to external users

Besides having products on the campaign and have an overview of the sales, it is also possible to create sales access.

If you use Adversus for direct sales and sell products for another company, the sales access can be used by the company you sell for. When logging in with sales access, you can see all sales which are made. You can see which products, how many, and at what price. Also, you can see how many sales are closed and how many in-process sales there are, so you have an idea of what to expect in the future.

Besides this, the sales access user can also approve and reject sales if the sales for some reason don't meet the guidelines there is.

The sales access user can be beneficial since it can follow the sale at the moment and in the future. Besides this, the ability to reject and approve sales can also be beneficial if there are guidelines that the sales need to meet, and thereby control the sales.

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