Users in Adversus is different kinds of people who can log into Adversus. The reason why you have a user in Adversus can differ, depending on what your need is. Users in Adversus is split into six different kinds:

  • Internal users.

  • Calendar users.

  • Managers.

  • Administrator.

  • Sales users.

  • API users.

Internal users - Guide to creating users here.

Internal user in Adversus is the day to day users. Internal users are the users who administrate the Adversus account and phoners who call your leads.

When creating a new internal user, there are two types of internal users:

  • Manager: Have all internal functionality and manage the system.

  • Normal users: Are phoners who are only used to call your leads.

  • Administrator: A user where you have access to all the administrative, Which can be customized with rights groups.

Meeting consultant - Guide to getting the dailer ready for appointment setting here.

If you use Adversus for appointment setting, it can be beneficial to create meeting consultant(s). A meeting consultant is the users to which the internal users are booking appointments, and meeting consultants can integrate their calendars to Adversus. If this is done, the appointments an internal user is booking can be added directly in the meeting consultants' calendar with all additional information.

When logging in as a meeting consultant, you can integrate your calendar and see all appointments booked for you. Besides this, you can add a status (Held, postponed, canceled) to the appointment and a comment.

When using meeting consultants and integrating calendars, as well as having the meeting consultants give status on the appointment, will first save a lot of time managing the appointments you book, as well as giving inside into the appointments e.g. how many meetings helped, which internal user have the highest percentage of meetings held, etc.

Sales access - Here is a guide to setting up the dialer with products and sales.

If you use Adversus for direct sales and sell products for another company, the sales access can be used by the company you sell for. When logging in with sales access, you can see all sales which are made. You can see which products, how many, and at what price. Also, you can see how many sales are closed and how many in-process sales there are, so you have an idea of what to expect in the future.

Besides this, the sales access user can also approve and reject sales if the sales for some reason don't meet the guidelines there is.

The sales access user can be beneficial since it can follow the sale at the moment and in the future. Besides this, the ability to reject and approve sales can also be beneficial if there are guidelines that the sales need to meet, and thereby control the sales.

API users - Guide to create an API user here.

If you want to integrate Adversus into another system, this can be done through an API user. When creating an API user, you can control if the user should only have read right, custom right, or admin rights.

Integrating Adversus to other systems can be beneficial if you Adversus with other systems, e.g. a CRM system, so data are shared among different systems.

Sometimes it can be beneficial to integrate Adversus to another system through Zapier. You can read mode about Zapier here.

You can find our API documentation here.

All users can be created under "User" and then choose ''API-accesses" in the top menu.

NB: Be aware of your GDPR compliance so nobody gets access to data they shouldn't.

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