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Campaign administration, Settings

You can create a campaign only for inbound purposes. If a lead calls, the call will be received directly in Adversus. Notice, that this article only considers an inbound campaign that doesn't include leads. If you want to setup an outbound campaign to also receive inbound calls, you can read about that here.

  1. Go to Settings and choose Campaigns in the menu on the left.

  2. Click Create new campaign.

  3. Under Phone, choose Inbound from the Dialer method dropdown.

  4. Now, go to Inbound.

  • Number for inbound calls
    This will be the number you receive inbound calls to on the campaign. You can only use numbers bought from Adversus.

  • Number for forwarding
    If no agents are available, inbound calls are forwarded to the number you input.

  • Max waiting time in queue
    If you have chosen a number for forwarding, decide the maximum time that leads can be in queue before you forward to another number (input in seconds).

  • Record conversations
    Activate recording on the inbound number here. Choose between:

    • Always.

    • Never.

    • If permitted - record from start: Agents have to manually choose whether to record the conversation while being in the call. The recording will begin at the start of the conversation.

    • If permitted - no recording from start: Agents have to manually choose whether to record the conversation while being in the call. The recording will begin as soon as the agent allows recording.

      NB: If either one of the If permitted options are chosen, agents can start recording by clicking the recording button in the dialer.

  • Store recordings
    Specify how many days Adversus stores the recorded conversations.

    • 30 days

    • 90 days

    • 180 days

    • 365 days

    • 545 days

  • Recording channels
    Define how much of the conversation you want to record and store.

    • Agent and callee channel

    • Agent channel only

  • When should calls be answered
    Choose how the dialer should answer an inbound call. There are two options:

    • Answer automatically: Picks up the inbound call directly after the agent receives the lead

    • Search lead and pick up: Let agents access the lead in the dialer and manually click to pick up the phone

  • Inbound ringtone
    Activate an inbound ringtone if an inbound call is queued and the agent is not currently in a conversation.

  • Use in create lead mode
    Enable inbound call while an agent uses the dialer for creating new leads manually. If agents are primarily using the dialer to create their own leads, this is probably something you want to activate.

  • Upload welcome messages
    You can upload two different kinds of welcome messages for inbound calls.

    • An introductory message that is played before the on hold music starts

    • A message played, if there are no available agents on the campaign

Remember to click Save settings.

When everything's set up and go to the campaign, the dialer will look like this:

When a lead calls you, you're able to see the phone number and click Select lead to pick up the phone.

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