Requires administrator rights or one of the following permissions:
Settings, Campaign administration, Inbound settings.

You can configure a campaign to receive incoming calls. If leads call back, agents will receive the inbound call directly in the dialer.

  1. Go to Settings in the menu on the left and choose Campaigns.

  2. Click on the campaign you want edit.

  3. Click on Inbound.

  4. If you need help with your inbound settings, read more here.

  5. When you have selected your inbound settings, remember to click Save settings.

When agents are active on a campaign and receive an inbound call while they currently have a lead open, there's gonna be a notice in the bottom right corner of the dialer:

The inbound queue in the top left corner of the dialer will change from 0 to 1:

The inbound call is assigned to the first available agent. To take the inbound call, the agent needs to save the lead they currently have open. When they have saved the lead, they're offered the inbound call. Adversus searches for the lead based on the phone number and offers lead possibilities if there's a match.

The agent can choose an existing lead or create a new lead. Depending on your inbound settings, more specifically When should calls be answered, the agent either has to click to pick up in the dialer or the the call will be picked up automatically.

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