Go to module " Insights" and subsequent "Reports" in the menu on the left, you can create new reports as well as access your default reports.

A report is an extraction of 'hard numbers', for example, the number of calls or leads saved and marked as 'success', and broken down by optional grouping — either campaigns, users, projects, or user groups.

Create a new report

1. Enter the desired values. These are the key performance indicators you wish to get in your report. A column will be formed for each selected KPI.


2. Select how you want to group the data. If grouped on 'projects,' it collects data from campaigns classified under the same project (es). Grouping on "User groups" collects data from users classified under the same user group (s).

It is then possible to delimit the results — or show all active in the period.

Select the time interval. Dynamic views are available, such as "today" or "last week," whereby the report becomes dynamic and can be reused day by day, or week by week. There is also the option to enter a specific time interval.


3. Reports can be saved so they can be found quickly in the future. To do this, select "Save Report" and enter the report name, and the report will appear under "Your default reports."


View your reports

In the " Insights" module and then select "Reports," the list of "Your default reports" is on the right. Here, all previously saved reports will appear so they can be quickly found and accessed.


Click on an existing report - or create a new one. The report is then generated with the option to export data into Excel.

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