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Here's what you need to know about predictive dialing,

The purpose of the predictive dialer method is to minimize the waiting time between active calls. The method makes it possible to make calls 'in the background' without having an agent sit and wait. The dialer works using algorithms that track the average talk time, the number of available agents, the number of missed calls, etc.

The downside of this optimization is that a lead will occasionally answer a call but with no agent available to take the call (dropped calls). Therefore, it is ultimately about finding the desired balance between streamlining and minimizing dropped calls.

Predictive KPIs

In Adversus, you can always follow the live performance of your predictive campaigns to see if you need to adjust any settings. Go to Dialer in the menu on the left, click the three dots next to the campaign/strategy and choose Live overview.

  • Dial rate
    Specifies how many active calls (currently dialing/waiting for an agent/in conversation) is requested compared to the number of active agents. A dial rate of 1.0 indicates that the system must have the same number of active calls as the number of agents.

    The higher the dial rate, the lower the wait time for agents between calls, but at the same time, the number of calls that can't be answered will, inevitably, be higher.

    Our predictive dialer constantly configures the current dial rate depending on settings and behaviour.

  • Agents speaking

    Tells you how many agents are currently in an active call.

  • Agents waiting
    Specifies how many agents are currently waiting to receive a call.

  • Current wait time
    Tells you the total average wait time for agents between calls.

  • Currently dialing
    Specifies how many leads the predictive dialer is currently dialing.

  • Current contact rate
    Out of all calls placed, how many % pick up the phone (based on the last 5 minutes).

  • Current AMD rate
    Out of all calls placed, how many % has the Answering Machine Detection discarded (based on the last 5 minutes).

  • Current drop rate
    Specifies (in %) how many calls are dropped, e.g., a lead picks up, but there is no available agent to take the call (based on the last 5 minutes).

  • Recently failed calls
    Tells you how many calls failed when trying to dial, e.g., invalid number or wrong formatting (based on the last 5 minutes).

  • Leads with no number
    If you ever come across the Leads with no number tab in the predictive live overview, it tells you how many leads were discarded because the phone field was empty (based on the last 5 minutes). You will only see this KPI if it occurs.


There are settings in Adversus you can adjust depending on how you want the predictive dialer to behave.

  • Auto dial threshold
    Specify the maximum dial rate per available agent. This is to ensure that the predictive algorithm does not initiate an unrealistically high number of calls.

    Decimal range: 1 to 4 lines (recommended 2).

  • Intensity dial level
    Specify whether the adaptive dial needs to be adjusted upwards or downwards faster. With a positive value, the dial-rate adjusts upwards faster if there are available agents but is however slower to adjust downwards again if the number of agents decreases. The value 0 indicates that adjusting up and down are equally fast.

    Decimal range: -0.5 to +0.5 (recommended 0.0).

  • Adaptive drop rate limit
    Specify how many dropped calls are allowed. For example, at 2.0, the system will begin to lower the dial rate if over 2% of the answered calls do not have an available agent to take the call.

    Decimal range: 0.0 to 5.0 (recommended 2.0).

  • Maximum dial time
    Specify the maximum number of seconds allowed to pass before a call ends (is dropped) if an agent does not answer the call. Let’s assume the maximum dial time is set to 3.0, and there are five available agents. The predictive dialer calls six leads, and all six leads pick up the phone. Since only five agents are available, the sixth lead will be dropped after 3.0 seconds.

    Time range: 0.0 to 5.0 seconds (recommended 3.0 seconds).

  • Maximum ring time
    Specify how many seconds the predictive dialer tries to call a lead before the dialer is saving it as ‘Not answered’.

    Number input: In seconds (recommended is 18 seconds).

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