To call on a campaign, there must be leads on it. You can add leads from a lead pool as follows.

This guide only shows you how to add leads from a contact pool to a campaign. If you want to upload an excel sheet directly to a campaign, you can see the following video:


1. In the menu, select "leads," followed by "Contacts pools." Then, select the lead pool from which you want to add leads to the campaign by clicking on the name of the lead pool.


2. Next, select "Actions" on the following icon:

3. Select "Add leads" and which campaign to add the leads to. If you want the leads to be automatically added to a campaign when you load new leads to the pool, select repeat "when uploading to pool." Select "Approve" and the leads will now be added to the campaign:

NOTE: You can also add leads directly to the campaign through "Settings" --> "Campaigns" --> "More" --> "Upload"

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