Requires administrator rights or all of the following permissions:
User administrations, Campaign administration/Settings

As an agent, it can be difficult to keep track of which meeting consultants are the right fit for the specific lead. To help you with this challenge, meeting consultants can be assigned match values that determine when they appear as options when agents schedule meetings.

  1. Go to Users in the menu on the left.

  2. Locate the calendar user you'd like to edit and click on their name.

  3. Find Match values under Booking settings.

  4. First, decide which field you want to base your match on, e.g., zip code.

  5. Afterward, insert the value(s) that has to match the field value before it's possible to book a meeting to the consultant. In this example, the lead's zip code has to be either 8000 or 7000 before agents can choose this consultant.

  6. If you have a lot of values and would like to input them in one go, you can click on the small clipboard next to the match values.

  7. Choose which separator you'd like to use, input your values and click Update filter.

  8. When you're all set, click Update user on the left.

  9. To use the match values you've set up, you need to make a configuration on the campaign.

  10. Go to Settings in the menu on the left and choose Campaigns.

  11. Click on the campaign you use for bookings.

  12. Go to Booking in the top menu bar.

  13. Under Show meeting consultants, choose Based on match values. Remember to add match values to all relevant consultants before editing the campaign!

  14. Click Save settings.

  15. Now, agents will only be presented with relevant consultants depending on the lead data.

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