If you’re calling from Adversus and the person on the other end is complaining about the audio quality, here’s a guide on how to solve that problem. If you receive the error message “Packet loss,” it means that some audio is lost because of an unstable internet connection.

If you receive the error message “High latency,” it means that there is a delay between the agent’s audio and the customer’s audio. Because of that, there may be an overlap of what’s being said. An unstable internet connection also causes this.

1. Wifi connection
The challenge often occurs if you’re using a wifi connection. We always recommend a cable connection. Furthermore, you should ensure that the wifi is turned off on your computer to only connect to the cable.

2. Shared office space
If you’re working in a shared office space, it usually differs between how many use the network simultaneously. Because of that, the quality often varies.

3. Firewalls
Some firewalls can block the sound in Windows or through anti-virus programs (AVG, Mcafee, etc.). That’s why we recommend removing them if you’re experiencing poor audio quality.

4. Browser
Chrome and Firefox can cause some issues. In some cases, it would help to switch between them.

5. Wireless headsets
To make the audio excellent and clear, we recommend using cabled headsets. Make sure there isn’t a loose connection in the headset.

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