Sometimes you need to add many options in a filter view, for example, if you have an excel sheet with many phone numbers to search. Instead of manually copying all the numbers, you can add a comma between each option. Then it becomes more options.

You can use the following tool to combine multiple rows with one comma between:


How Browserling works:

1. Insert your rows of data into the window, as illustrated here.

2. Then insert a comma in the line at "Join Lines." Note that by default, there is a space to delete.

3. Click on the "Join Lines" button, and they will now have a comma between:

4. You can now copy 22012452,6955995,3965885 and paste it into a filter view:

5. Now press ENTER on your keyboard, and it will be inserted as an option, and you can "Create filter" on the gray button.

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