All users can work from home.

Below, you will find a checklist of things you need to do/have if you are working from home via Adversus.

  • Make sure the computer you are calling from has a sound card connected to the internet and is stable.

  • Have an updated version of Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • Make sure your internet connection is good and stable. The speed does not always matter, but we suggest 25 Mbit. Then you'll also have space for others to use it at the same time.

  • Use a LAN cable. WiFi can be unstable and affect the speed of the internet.

  • Make sure you can log onto Adversus from your home internet. If your work demands a VPN, then the IT responsible at your workplace to set up a VPN on your home computer.

  • Make sure the correct ports are unlocked. Contact the internet provider for the computer your are using to call from and get help. Read more about which ports you need to have unlocked here.

  • Use a proper headset with a microphone. Then you can hear the customers, and they can hear you.

  • If you experience problems making calls through Adversus, we suggest you activate the STUN protocol. An administrator can do this under your user settings.

  • If STUN doesn't work, you can try to activate Proxy. If you hover your mouse over your name in the bottom left corner, you'll be able to go to My profile, and afterward, you can activate Proxy.

It's a great idea to make a test call before calling your leads from home. That way, you make sure that everything is set up correctly before you start.

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