We often see four main reasons a sheet fails to be uploaded to Adversus.

  1. It's a semicolon-separated CSV file

  2. The file includes formulas

  3. The Excel file is locked

  4. There are too many columns in the spreadsheet

If you are experiencing issues with importing leads to Adversus, please troubleshoot using this article.

If the file is semicolon-separated

  • The issue

    The way you see if the issue is a semicolon-separated file, is if all columns "stick together" when trying to upload. It will look like this:

  • The fix

    To solve the problem, you can open the file in Excel and save it as the default Excel file (.xls or .xlsx). You will then be able to upload the file.

    If you are using Google Sheets, open your Google Drive, press New and choose Google Sheets.

    Go to File and click Import.

    Click Upload and find the file you weren't able to upload in Adversus.

    Before clicking Import, make sure you've chosen Replace sheet as the Import action and are using the correct Separator.

    The file is now properly formatted. Download it as an Excel file and upload to Adversus.

If the file includes formulas

  • The issue

    It is not possible to import Excel files that include formulas to Adversus. So if you're using it in your Excel sheet, that's probably why we won't let you upload your leads.

  • The fix

    Open your file in Excel and save it as a an .xls file (not .xlsx). The .xls format often removes any formatting from the file.

If the file is locked

  • The issue

    The person who has created the Excel spreadsheet has enabled a password to protect the file - but Adversus won't be able to read the spreadsheet if it's locked with a password.

  • The fix

    Open the Excel file and enter the password. In the upper left corner, click File, go to Info in the left-hand panel and click Protect Workbook. From the dropdown list, click on Encrypt with Password and delete the password to remove the lock.

If the file has too many columns

  • The issue

    If the sheet includes too many columns, Adversus won't be able to read all of the information, which will cause the upload to fail.

  • The fix

    Consider removing unnecessary data columns that you are not gonna use for lead enrichment in Adversus

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