Through Warehouse:

1. Go to "Warehouse" and afterward "Leads" in the menu on the left.

2. On the left, you filter the leads based on status = success:


3. You can also filter on last contacted by and also last contacted. In the following example, we find all success made by Jonas yesterday:


4. If you are missing some information on the leads you can go to "Columns" at right and add more details about the leads:


5. In the top right corner, you can export the leads into excel:


Through filter views:

1. Go to "leads" On the left side and select "Filter View. "

2. Create a ''filter view'' by pressing "Create filter view" at the top of the gray button and give it an appropriate name.

3. Enter it by tapping its name.

4. Tap "Filters":

5. Select the following settings for the campaign you want to show success from:

If you want a time, you can add it in the "Last contacted" section and if it is a success of a particular user, select the user under "Last contacted by."

You can now select "Create Filter".

6. Select "Show/Hide Data":

7. Select the data you want and the subject pool to subtract data from and then "Save Settings":

8. Next, select "Leads" and see the successes.

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