Over the last several years, many apps have been developed to allow consumers to identify and/or block potentially unwanted incoming calls. The formula works based on multiple factors, which means you can't be certain when your call is marked as “potential spam”.

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop leads from reporting your number(s), but here are some tips that can be helpful!

  • Responsible calling

    Avoid calling the same leads many times on the same day. We recommend that you have at least 12-24 hours between calls to the same lead (if you reach an answering machine).

  • Do not hang up on leads

    If you're dialing predictive, keep your drop rate setting low (not higher than 3%) to make sure you hang up on as few leads as possible!

  • Be reachable

    Have inbound activated on all your numbers, so leads can call you back. If you don't activate inbound, the lead will call a "dead" number that hangs up immediately.

  • Use smart caller

    Automatically rotate your caller IDs monthly, weekly or daily. You can see your hit rate on individual numbers from Settings --> Phone numbers.

    Get help setting up your smart caller strategy right here.

  • Be "local"

    Call with a local number for every country/area code you call to.

  • Be "known"

    Register your number with the major caller ID reputation registries (the sites where leads go to report your number). Or use a call branding service to help you show the company name on leads' devices when you call them.

  • Leave voicemails

    Leave a voicemail telling your leads why you called them. Even if the recipient decides they do not want to hear from you, they are much less likely to report your phone number if you are upfront about who you are and why you are calling rather than simply calling them until they answer the phone.

  • Approach new leads more carefully
    Before calling, consider sending a personalized email or SMS with your company information and alert your leads that you will try to contact them.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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