Requires administrator rights or one of the following permissions:
Settings, Campaign administration

Make it possible to transfer calls inside your team, and let agents hand over a call directly from the dialer. If you want to transfer to an external phone number, read more here.

  1. Go to Settings and choose Campaigns.

  2. Click on the campaign you want to enable call transfers on.

  3. Go to the Phone section under the Settings tab.

  4. Tick the box that says Enable call transfers.

Alright. First step done. Now you need to create the "phone book" to let your agents choose who to transfer the call to.

  1. When editing your campaign, go to the tab Call forwarding.

  2. From the Type dropdown, you can choose which user, campaign and/or custom extension you want to create a transferring option to.

  3. It is possible to add a note to specify the purpose of that specific transfer option. The note is visual for agents in the dialer.

  4. Click Add entry.

When the agent transfers a call, the "phone book" is available directly in the dialer. They need to push this button:

The agent can choose to either make a blind or attended transfer.

  • Blind transfer
    Transfers the call immediately without talking to the recipient beforehand

  • Attended transfer
    Makes it possible to speak with the recipient before sending the call through.

When an agent transfers a call, all lead data will be visible to the agent receiving the call. That way, it's possible to keep the conversation on track from start to finish.

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