All calendar users can integrate their calendar.

Adversus allows consultants to integrate their external calendar. This is how they set up the integration.

  1. Log into Adversus using the email the calendar user is created with.

  2. Go to Calendar in the menu on the left.

  3. Click Add calendar in the top right corner.

  4. From here, select which calendar provider you're using and follow the steps to integrate your calendar.

  5. The calendar integration is now set up.

  6. A calendar user can have more than one calendar attached to their email account (regardless of the calendar provider), e.g., has a Home and Work calendar linked to his iCloud account. If that's the case, calendar users can choose the primary calendar which would be the calendar agents can see when booking. Click on Change active calendar from the Calendar settings.

  7. From here, you can choose the calendar you'd like to use for bookings made in Adversus.

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