How do I allow microphone use?

To resolve this, do the following:

1. Select the padlock in the URL bar (left);

2. Select "Microphone" followed by "always allow on this website'';

If the problem persists after you have been permitted to use the microphone, it may be because your headset is not correctly connected to your computer. Check the audio settings on your computer and see if the headset appears in the overview.

If the system continues to ask for microphone allow even though you have allowed it, the problem is that your headset is correctly set up to your computer. Look at the troubleshooting for ''Why there isn't any sound in Adversus?".

Why is the audio poor in Adversus?

If you call out and the customers tell you that the sound is "scratchy," then here is a guide to solving the challenge.

You may also receive the error message "Packet loss," which means that we, unfortunately, lose audio packets due to unstable internet.

If you receive a "High latency" error, there is a delay between the sound for the phones and the customer. It means that there may be an overlap between what is being said. It is also due to the unstable internet.

1. WiFi Connection
Most often, the challenge is that you sit on a WiFi connection. We always recommend that you sit on a wired connection. In addition, you must ensure that WiFi is turned off on your computer so that it only has a wired connection.

2. Office Community
If you're in an office community, there's often a big difference between how many people use the network simultaneously, capturing bandwidth. Therefore, the quality of the sound may vary.

3. Firewalls
Some firewalls, both in Windows or through antivirus programs (AVG, Mcafee, etc.), can block the sound. Therefore, it is recommended that they be removed if you experience poor sound.

4. Browser
Chrome and Firefox can tease, and in some cases, it can help to confess.

5. Wireless Headsets
For the sound to go through clearly and clearly, it is recommended to run wired headsets. Also, make sure that there is no loose connection in the headset.

Why there isn't any sound in Adversus?

1. First, try switching the browser from Chrome to Firefox or vice versa.

Remember to update the browser if it's not fully updated.

2. Check if the headset is set to go to YouTube and listen to music optionally. If there is no sound, the headset is not properly plugged in or not at all.

3. To check the headset settings and whether it is set to:

3.1 Mac
Go to System settings and subsequent "sound."
Check that it is set for the headset to play the sound (which the Jabra PRO 9470 is set in this excel).

To check if the sound is recorded, you can say something in the microphone, and "Input level" will move.

3.2 Windows

Go to Control Panel and the following network and sound, after which you will find audio settings.

Find playback devices and recording devices, and make sure to select your headset. All others must be disabled. To "the Standart unit" is your headset and everything else is disabled. To check if there is a sound in the headset, right-click on your headset and press test. If it is connected correctly, a sound will be output from your headset.

If there is sound in playback, then test if your headset can record audio. In the taskbar in the bottom right corner, right-click on the sound icon and press recording devices:

Again, you must make sure that your headset is set as the Standart device and all others are disabled. To check if the headset is recording sound, you can talk into the headset, and it will be recorded in the light green "bars" to the right of your headset.

4. If this does not solve the challenges with the sound, it can be the network that blocks the sound. Try going on a different network (possibly a mobile network to check this).
If you succeeded on a mobile network, the most common firewall in your router is blocking. Here you need to enter and open ports in your router. There is a guide here:

To ensure a stable connection from your device, it is important to have the correct ports open. This applies to both inbound and outbound traffic.

Port (TCP): 8089
Port Range (UDP): 1025-65536

The above ports must at least be opened to the following IP addresses or hosts.

  • (

  • (

  • (

  • (

  • : (

  • : (

  • (

  • (

  • (

NAT'ed IP AddressesIf you are using a NAT'ed IP address, please contact Adversus. The STUN protocol will be activated in your account, which in most cases can eliminate no sound or slow connection between our PBX and your device.

In principle, as a starting point, we do not recommend the use of a NAT'ed IP address.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with your Internet service provider to obtain a public IP address.

5. Simultaneously, it may also be the firewall on the computer that enters and blocks the sound. Therefore, you need to examine the firewall on your computer and ensure it does not block.

6. Try to add "Stun Protocol" in the user settings. Go to "Settings" --> "Users" --> "More" --> "Edit" (On the users who are experiencing issues) and add STUN Protocol in the bottom:

7. If STUN doesn't work, you can try to activate "Proxy." If you hover your mouse over your name in the bottom left corner. Here you'll be able to go to "My profile," and afterward, you can activate "Proxy."

8. Try to change sound output under "More" in the top right corner when you are in the dialer:


9. The last step is to restart the computer and try again. If this does not work, please get in touch with Adversus support.

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