When using Adversus, it is important to keep track of your phoners' performance and have a general idea of the performance. In Adversus, you'll find a section in the menu on the left side dedicated to Insights. It is split into six different categories.

  • Reports

  • Dashboards

  • Sales

  • Live

  • Groups

Each of these categories is made to help you monitor performances and keep track of their use in the system. I'll go through all the six categories and explain how it is used.


Reports are the "rough" numbers/KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), e.g., the total number of calls, number of successes, hit rate, etc. Here you have the possibility to monitor the phoners, the campaigns, projects (the summoned number of a set of campaigns), user groups (the summoned number for a group of phones), and meeting consultants (only available in appointment settings).

Which KPIs are relevant to you depends on your setup, but many different KPIs can be chosen from the list.

If you want help creating a report, you get find a guide here.


In dashboards, you can create yours on dashboards showing and monitoring the performance live. Dashboards can help you monitor as well as boosting the performance among the phoners. You can read more about dashboards here.


The sales module is only useful if you've created products and added them to your campaign. You can find a guide here on how to set it up. Using the sales module can be a good way for you to see which products your phoners sell, and also, you can keep track of the expected sale based on products added to leads that have a callback.

You can read about how to use the sales module here.


In the Live module, you have the possibility to see what the phoners are doing. You can see each phone and see which leads they have contacted and what status each lead got. In the live overview, you can also listen live to the conversation the phoners have with the leads.

Each lead the phoner has been in touch with will be on the view, and the box will change color, depending on the status. You can read more about how to use the live module here.


Under Groups, you have the opportunity to gather several users or campaigns that will be benchmarked through the reports module.

Let’s take a real-life example from a real call center. This call center is located around the world, including Denmark, Spain, and Thailand. Because of that, it’s crucial for them to know the exact performance across locations. Read more here.

In Adversus, if you have multiple campaigns that belong to the same project, it may be useful to assemble it into one project for which you can obtain statistics through our reporting module. - Read more here.

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