What is a filter view?

Filter views are where you can filter your leads on the specific data. You can filter based on the data you have in your system.

Perhaps you want to find all leads with a specific status or all leads with specific data.

1. Types of filter views

Data filter

  • The data filter is based on the different data fields you have. This is either master data (e.g., address, postcode, CVR) or result in data (e.g., "Reason for no interest").

Campaign Filter

  • A campaign filter is based on the data that is associated with the campaign. This will be data such as status, last contact time, last contact by, etc.

  • You can combine both the data filter and the campaign filter under one filter view.

2. What filter views can be used for

Find leads

  • If you need to find specific leads In the system, you can use filter views. They can be based on campaign data as well as lead and lead data.

Create excel sheets

  • If you want to make Excel extraction from the system, this can also be done through filter views. This could, for example, be an extraction of all successes.

Edit leads

  • If you want to edit leads, it can also be done through filter views. For example, it could be to edit who the lead was last contacted by or change the status.

Make automatic actions

  • It is possible through filter views to make automatic actions. For example, it could be adding certain leads to a new campaign or delete specific leads from a pool in a campaign.

3. How to make filter views

Campaign filter:

In the campaign filter, you can find leads on your campaigns by campaign data. The idea is that you, through the filter, choose which leads you to wish to find. In the following example, you find all the leads on the common campaign where the status is a success:

Data filter:

In the data filter, you can find contacts based on data. The idea is that you through the filter chooses which contacts you wish to find. In the following example you find all contacts where the "Reason for no interest" equals "Price":

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